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Melanie Lamberti

Founder of Waymakers Business Consulting

About Us

The Waymakers' passion for Humans is equal to our passion for Businesses.  With over two decade’s Senior Management experience across multinational corporations and a diverse range of industries, we have sat around the table with leaders like you.  We understand the challenges that confront Business Leaders, Managers, “HR” and the People in the business.

When we engage with our clients, we set out with the aim of multiplication – delivering a value that grows exponentially because of the way that we empower your team.

The Waymakers create tailored solutions to suit your business. We take time to get to know you, your priorities and the factors that impact your people function – and then: We Create! The Waymakers are Strategic. Everything we do is with an end-goal in mind. We’re not about ticking boxes.

The Waymakers are Growing.  We are constantly adding to our team, adding to our own skills and knowledge, challenging our own assumptions, and adding to the basket of services that we offer our clients. The Waymakers are firm believers in Business. We are passionate about our clients and their people, and we are excited about the new opportunities that abound for us every day.

The Waymakers are Pioneers. We’re excited to brood over the “new normal” in the Workplace, to release new ways of achieving happy, productive, high-performing work-places. We’re looking for clients who want to challenge the status quo with us and try new things that will achieve new results!

"We weave the golden threads of people knowledge and processes through the tapestry of your business vision..."

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