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Talent Management Solutions

HR-4-HR Coaching

Strategic HR Advisory Consulting

Transactional HR Services:

Your Shared Service Centre

  • We employ a Cloud-based tool that brings loads of “WOW” to employee Hiring, Engagement and Performance.

  • We provide manager coaching so that the ethos behind the technological convenience and efficiency has a meaningful impact within your workforce.

  • We support your Sourcing & Recruitment challenges in a unique and highly value-adding way.

  • Contact us for an obligation-free demonstration of the platform that is guaranteed to revolutionise your Talent Management.

As HR professionals, we recognise the challenges in the HR landscape, particularly where HR is being managed by a non-HR manager.  To that end we offer coaching to non-HR managers as well as the in-house HR professional, as a support arm that helps foster a healthy relationship between the HR function and the business.

  • Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Creating processes and scenarios that work for the people and the business

  • Bringing a fresh perspective on the people factor of the business to the strategic table

  • Day-to-day sparring partner & trouble-shooter for business leaders

  • Helping to create an effective organisational structure

  • Identifying the ideal candidate profile to fill an open role

  • Advising on legislative and Employee Relations Matters

  • Establishing Employee Engagement Initiatives

  • Establishing Performance Management initiatives

  • Coaching line management

  • Partnering with businesses to create Inclusive Work Cultures.

  • Formulating and updating Job Descriptions

  • Drafting and updating Company Policies

  • Handling Employee Relations matters

  • Analysing Leave & Attendance data and advising Managers accordingly

  • Analysing Employee Engagement Data and advising Managers accordingly

  • Analysing Employee Performance Data and advising Managers accordingly

  • Maintaining employee records and data

  • Administration related to Employee Learning

  • Facilitating employee committee meetings


pioneer; pathfinder; finding order in chaos; making the direction straight forward

Our Services

The Waymakers are Pioneers. We’re excited to brood over the “new normal” in the Workplace, to release new ways of achieving happy, productive, high-performing workplaces. We’re looking for clients who want to challenge the status quo with us and try new things that will achieve new results!

for Professionals

"If you are a specialist who works in any area of the People arena of business. And, if you're resonating with The Waymakers' sound, reach out to discuss opportunities to collaborate."

We believe HR is an ART, grounded in the SCIENCE of people.

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