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About Us

The current and future workforce of your business are not robots and AI. While, they might employ those tools as the world advances, your workforce is made of humans. Like you and I, these humans are under pressure to remain relevant, and to keep up with the ever-evolving demands on their capacity.

The Waymakers’s passion for Humans is equal to our passion for the Small to Medium Sized Business. With over two decade’s Senior Management experience across multinational corporations and a diverse range of industries, we have sat around the table with leaders like you. We understand the challenges that confront Business Leaders, Managers, “HR” and the People in the business.

The Waymakers weave the golden threads of our People Knowledge and efficient Processes through the tapestry of your business, so that the end result is clear, simple and impactful.

We take a future-focused approach to all that we do, basing today’s activities on a shared understanding of “where we want to land”. We continually ask: Does this take us closer to where we want to be?

Our Workforce Planning offering brings together the processes of Hiring, Skills Development, Equity, Succession Planning and Performance Management for an alignment that is smooth, transparent and empowering for managers. The end product is a workforce that meets the future needs of your business.

The technology that we use, while sophisticated and on-trend, is user-friendly and functional for teams that want to get the job done with minimal complexity. We know that you want one system that does it all, and our platform covers all your people management needs – from managing your candidate responses and interview schedules; to leave applications; to performance feedback; through to ensuring that leavers are off-boarded efficiently and professionally.

We offer an obligation-free initial consultation to discuss your Business and People Function. On a solid foundation of understanding your particular needs, we create a unique offering to meet your budget and organisational priorities. The solutions we create combine the specific and relevant mix of technology, Strategic Advisor input, Transactional Services support, Specialist Expertise and in-house resources that will enhance your current and future Workforce.

We don’t believe in ticking boxes. We will not offer you something that we don’t believe your business needs. We are here to help with cost-effective and relevant solutions for your business.


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